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Well Bean Co is a young company based in London. They make amazing vegan chocolate, packed with the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients and delicious flavours. But that's not even the best thing about them! The Well Bean Co’s mission is to fund projects supporting mental health. 

Role: Illustrator

This is one of the most interesting and fulfilling projects I have worked on. 

The company wanted to improve their packaging as they felt it did not reflect the company mission to help fund mental health projects. 

Their initial idea was to have a series of small illustrations that symbolised the various emotions that human beings experience.

When I provided them with the first set of illustrations everything changed.

They were so enthusiastic about the way I represented emotions that they decided to dedicate the entire packaging of each flavour to a full page illustration. 

Previous Packaging

Rebranding Chocolate Packaging

The challenge

 was to find illustrations that would represent an emotion while at the same time connect to the chocolate flavour and maintain a continuity with the brand. 

The process

I provided them with initial concepts and after a few discussions on which flavour could be connected to which illustrations and deciding to include the brand’s main colours we settled on the final three.  


The result was great, and the company was finally feeling connected to their brand and their mission!

Mylk & Orange chocolate - Relief

Original Mylk Chocolate - Connection

Dark Chocolate - Loneliness 

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