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Fruits of the Forage is a company based in Macclesfield, UK. They make preserves, cordials and liqueurs made with wild herbs and fruit that would otherwise go to waste. 

I have always loved their mission and have been part of their project since the start in 2014 designing and illustrating their brand logo, product labels, promotional material and website graphics.

Labels rebranding
Role: Illustrator

For this project we wanted to refresh the rustic look of the labels and decided to add new illustrations to each product.

Each of the jams, chutneys and cordials contains foraged ingredients and we chose to showcase that on the labels.

We also wanted to change the label shape to showcase the colour of each product and decided to find a colour for the logo that would match the feel of each product and reflect the type of ingredients. For example, purples for plum jams, red for chilli jam, dark red for apple chutneys, etc.

As you can see from the images below, the previous labels I designed were more rustic, all the titles and illustrations were handmade using ink! They looked beautiful as they were, but we all agreed it was time to add ‘wow’ factor and push the company forward with a new and more elegant look.

Previous labels

New Liqueur Range

Role: Illustrator/ Designer

When the company created a new range of liqueurs that were more expensive than the previous, they needed to make that clear to the public.


Since the range of products already had several bottles of cordials, syrups and two liqueurs we thought that a bold and colourful new label was needed to make them stand out. 

I chose to work with strong contrasting colours because the flavours and colours of each liqueur are so fruity and bold. I wanted to convey this in the label, so I worked with a dark background and neon colours for the fruits.


For the fonts, I was inspired by an art nouveau style where letters become illustrations and graphics are an integral part of the aesthetics.

Website Updates

Role: Illustrator/ Designer

The company website wasn't receiving the traffic they aimed for, so we decided to give it a little update.

I chose to draw little illustrations of the foraged ingredients in each product on the product photo. This way a new customer approaching the website could immediately see that these products are packed with interesting ingredients!

This gave immediate clarity to people passing through the website and also brought lots of colours and interactive elements to each page making people curious and leading them to click on each product to discover the wild ingredients.

I then decided to match each page of the website with a collage of the illustrations I had gathered for each product, giving each section an individual feel.


More of this can be seen directly on their website:

Logo Design

Role: Illustrator/ Designer

When the company started they were looking for someone who could understand their passion for the outdoors and their interest in wild fruit and cooking.


They were picking tons of apples by themselves and using them to create the amazing products that became part of their range.

I was experimenting with different techniques as I felt the logo had to convey the hard work they were putting into the company. I finally came up with this lino cut print of the apple which I printed on paper and then on t-shirts for the staff to wear. 


Gift Packs

Role: Illustrator

For this project the company wanted to bring back a rustic feel to their brown paper gift pack boxes. 

We decided to return to the first concepts I ever created for their labels.


The ink drawings created a rustic vibe and framed the jars perfectly. 

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