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Casa Verde 

Casa Verde, in English Green Home,  is a brand new company based in Switzerland that will deliver cookery, bread making and foraging courses from their home. 

Role: Designer

For this project I was asked to create a logo design that would convey the principal elements of the company. 
In our initial design consultation the words that came out were a cooking pot, vegetables, home. 


For the concept phase I focused on two main ideas. 
I really liked the idea of representing those elements that were so important for them as a sort of Coat of Arms, and because of the house element I could easily group them in that way. 


Coat of Arms

As you can see I really loved this idea and experimented with different colour options and textures and elements combinations.



Another idea I was exploring was simpler and yet quite effective. 

I could see these elements being drawn out on chalk board like on a restaurant specials menu. 

There was something about the simplicity of this type of visual that was very attractive to me. 

I decided to hand draw the house and all the elements to gave it a "chalky" hand made feel.

The company really loved both ideas very much and after a long deliberation ended up choosing the Rustic concept and asked to have it just as it was without any need to develop it further. 


Rustic chalk board

totebag design.png
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